Birr Castle

Parsonstown, King's County, Ireland - Earl of Rosse

"The castle of Birr was considered to be the chief seat of the O'Carrols, cheiftains of the Sept. A great battle was fought in the vicinity, in 241, between Cormac, son of Conn, and the people of Munster. The place suffered much from the ravages of the Danes in 841; and in 1154, O'Hedergool, King of Cathlinghie, was killed at the church-door.

On the breaking out of war in 1641, William Parsons was made governor of Ely O'Carrol and Birr Castle, and in 1642, the castle was besieged by the Irish, but was relieved by Sir Charles Coote, who threw into it a supply of ammunition and provisions, which thus procured Sir Charles the dignity of Earl of Mountrath.

The late Lord Rosee, who devoted much time to studies connected with astronomy, and other branches of science, had a laboratory, by means of which he constructed a reflector of fifty-three feet focal length and six feet diameter, the largest in the world. The telescopes stand on t he lawn in front of Birr Castle and are moved by machinery which also was the invention of his lordship."

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