Adare Manor

near Adare, County Limerick - Earl of Dunraven

"Adare Manor, which has been for ages the residence of the ancient family of O'Quin of Inchiquin, is situated near the picturesque village from whence it takes its name, and has long been celebrated for the various ruins in its close proximity.

The ruins at Adare consist of a Castle, a Trinitarian Friary, an Augustinian Friary, a Franciscan or Grey Friary and two small churches in the parish churchyard.

The present edifice was begun in 1832. Some of the walls of the old house still remain, but they are so amalgamated with the new, that they could only be recognised by one who had watched the progress of the alterations. The building was still unfinished at Lord Dunraven's death, and in 1850, Mr. P. C. Hardwick was consulted, and completed the south and west fronts after his own designs, though following the general plan intended by the late Earl.

This family is one of the few families of Celtic origin in the Peerage of Ireland. Its immediate ancestor was James Quin of Kilmallock, brother of the Right Rev. John Coyn, or Quin, Bishop of Limerick in the reign of Henry the Eighth, but who resigned the see on account of his blindness and infirmity."

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