Hemsted Park

near Staplehurst, Kent - Viscount Cranbrook

"The oresent house, which was begun in 1859, is built of brick and Corsham stone, in the style of the architecture of the reign of James the First. It has a tower about a hundred feet high, from which a magnificent view is obtained, not only of the neighbouring country but even of the French coast on a clear day.

It stands nearly at the summit of the Weald of Kent, and the top of the tower is probably the highest point in the county.

Hemsted is in the parish of Benenden, but is a manor of itself. Robert de Hemsted was the owner of this place in the reign of Henry the Third, either deriving his name from, or giving it to it.

William de Guldeford, High Sheriff of the county, made great additions to the mansion. One of his descendants entertained Queen Elizabeth here for three days.

In later years, the estate passed to the Hardy family. Gathorne Hardy was an eminent statesman, who, after a distinguished career, was raised to the Peerage as Viscount Cranbrook in 1880, and by Royal License obtained for himself and his heirs the additional surname and arms of Gathorne."

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