Hawarden Castle

near Mold, Flintshire - Gladstone family

"In the olden times here was a stronghold of the Saxons, and at the date of the Conquest, it was in the hands of Edwin, King of Deira.

In after times, in the wars between the Welsh and the English, it more than once had a change of owners, and, among others, one was David, the Welsh Prince. After his death on the scaffold, it went, through various other possessors, to the family of Stanley, by whom it was held till the time of the Civil Wars, when the castle suffered seriously more than once, and on the beheading of the then Earl of Derby in the fight at Worcester in 1651, it was bought Mr Serjeant Glynne, Lord Chief Justice.

Sir John Glynne rebuilt the house, on a new site, of plain brinck, in 1752. It was further altered and cased with stone in the year 1819. On the death of the last of the Glynnes, Sir Stephen Richard Glynne, the estate went to William Ewart Gladstone through his marriage to Sir Stephen's eldest daughter, Catherine Glynne."

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