near Kenmare, Kerry - Sir Orpen

"Ardtully, the country sear of Sir Richard John Theodore Orpen, is beautifully situated at the confluence of the rivers Roughty and Obeg, in the valley of Glenarough, about five miles east of Kenmare in Kerry. It is built on the site of an ancient castle, belonging to the family of McFinnin McCartie, who forfeited in the rebellion on 1641.

The Orpen family settled in Kerry in the time of the second Charles, having lost their property in England in consequence of their adherence to that monarch's father, King Charles the First. The Orpens claim descent, through Sir John Orpen, from Monsieur Erpen de Seulli, who came to England with the Conqueror. They also claim to be of the same family as that of Sir Thomas Erpingham, of Norfolk, the hero of Agincourt.

A branch of the above-named family settled at Ardtully about one hundred and fifty years since, from whose descendants it passed into the hands of Sir Richard John Theodore Orpen, who built this house on the site of the old mansion where previously had stood Ardtully Castle."

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